Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about our approach to education?

Chiaravalle Academy offers a non-traditional middle school experience.  Along with a rigorous academic program, students will have the unique opportunity to apply all that they learn.

What are the school hours of operation?

School is in session Monday through Friday, except for teachers’ in-service days, holidays and scheduled vacations. Class begins at 8:05 a.m. The school day concludes at 2:30 p.m. although after school activities may run later into the afternoon.

Is transportation available to students?

Parents provide transportation to and from school for all students living outside of Enfield, Connecticut. The town of Enfield provides transportation for Enfield residents attending the program.

Is there a dress code?

Students are required to wear uniforms as outlined in the student handbook. Uniforms may be purchased through Land's End. (A link to the Land's End website is located on our Helpful Links page.)   

Is there a lunch program available?

Parents must provide lunches for their children. Please note that the school is a nut-free facility - there are many students in the building with nut allergies so please remind your student to pack their lunch accordingly.

Are nursing services provided?

A school nurse from the Enfield Public School System visits EMS twice a week. The nurse maintains student health records, performs the appropriate screenings, administers medications according to Connecticut State Law, teaches about health issues and cares for children with school related illnesses and injuries.  

Is physical education part of the curriculum?

Physical fitness is an important component in education at Chiaravalle Academy. Along with weekly physical education classes and yoga, students will be invited to join regularly scheduled hikes and outdoor activities. 

Is art or music taught?

Both art and music are taught by specialist instructors.

Is computer technology part of the curriculum?

The school is equipped with state of the art purposeful technology in place to enhance the child's learning experience. Students will engage with various applications and online learning tools  to develop the skills required for today's academic environments.  

How are students graded?

Students will engage in formative and traditional assessments on a regular basis.  Letter grades will be awarded in each subject area. Effort and improvement will be factored into final marks.