A Word from our Head of School

Welcome to Chiaravalle Academy

Our goal for Chiaravalle Academy is to provide an academically enriched, safe environment where adolescents can study within a rigorous curriculum, purposefully apply that learning, and also have time to follow their research interests.  Having an adolescent program at the Enfield Montessori School is a dream realized.

Intensive instruction is offered in five-week terms with a two-week Applied Concepts periods between each term. Each five-week term offers intense specialized instruction in math, literature and written composition, science, social science, literature and the arts. The Applied Concepts period allows time for going-out experiences, final assessments, and opportunities to explore other learning interests. Students will complete a typical middle school course of study as outlined by the Archdiocese of Hartford and will explore many other areas of study such as web design, marketing, carpentry, and more. 

The program uses Montessori core principles such as the prepared environments, well-trained teachers, individual and group instruction to guide the students through their program of study providing a holistic and inspiring education for all. Respectfulness, compassion independence, responsibility and freedom continue the culture the school prides itself on. Assessments, the increased use of textbooks and technology, multiple instructors ensure that students will be well-prepared for traditional high school and beyond. 

As Head of School I have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. On any given day, I have the privilege of watching our teachers inspiring a love of learning for all our students. Adolescents with their thirst for exploration and knowledge at a transformational and tender time in life, benefit most from both the rigor and the freedom that Chiaravalle Academy offers.

Cliona Beaulieu

Head of School

Cliona Beaulieu holds Master’s degrees in psychology and school administration but is perhaps most proud of her AMI certification.